How to Unlock The Samsung Galaxy S6 Active for FREE AT&T Unlock Portal

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hey guys how you doing this is your

friend Alex and today I want to show you

how to unlock the samsung galaxy active

s6 I don't know if you're familiar with

this phone

they're usually unique for AT&T and I'm

gonna try to unlock it I mean these

phones guys they are from 2015 but I

think they're still pretty good phones

some of them has problems with the

screen sometimes they get like a little

red tint on them

I mean it's waterproof resistant and

also dust resistant the only bad thing

about this phone is that you cannot put

a microSD card it has 32 gigs of space

three of RAM the display is more than aa

HD it's a good phone guys I mean why not

using it still still works so why not so

the first thing that we're gonna use a

SIM card from another carrier in this

case this is MetroPCS we're gonna put it

here once you put a new SIM card this

one is forcing you to restart the phone

the SIM card is not compatible with the

phone so we need to do guys is we need

to request aa unlock code so look at

this it says invalid SIM card so what

we're gonna do guys is look and they're

asking for the code so where will you go