How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5

hi everyone Aaron here for Zolo Tech and

I wanted to show you how to unlock your

Samsung Galaxy s5 now this means not

unlocking the screen I had someone

comment on one of the videos I did

similar to this it means how to unlock

it to use it with a different carrier

you can see this is the AT&T branded

galaxy s5 and what if we want to use it

with a different GSM carrier around the

world so that means t-mobile

in the United States or some other

prepaid service or things overseas such

as maybe Virgin Mobile or orange or

other networks as well in the United

States it's completely legal to unlock

your phone this is an off-contract phone

it's completely legal to actually unlock

your phone and use it on a different

carrier and no problem there now other

than that we will need to know a little

bit of information before we do that and

this does help a couple things too as

far as resale and things so I've always

done that with my iPhones but let's

unlock this and what we want to do is

get the IMEI number so we'll hit phone

and to do that real simple star pound

zero six pound I had someone comment

also that's a hash mark in the United

States its pound or hash it doesn't

really matter depends on your view of

that however this is the IMEI number so

what you need to do is find an unlocking

service and the one I use is

unlockriver.com I'll leave a link in the

description below

they've been reliable multiple times and

definitely enjoy using that very simple

quick to respond and give them this

number and what they'll do is provide

you with a code now it may take a day or

two to get that code back but what

you'll need to do is in order to input

that code you'll have to reboot your

phone so let's turn this off wait for it

to shut down here and once it's shut

down I'll need to this one does not have

a sim card in it what I'll need to do is

put a sim card that's not AT&T in it can

be borrow one from a friend it won't

hurt anything it just

contains data this is not an AT&T SIM

card you can see it's in place and what

will happen is it will notice that when

we boot it back up so let me put this

back on turn the phone on it'll boot

back up and it will notice that it's not

the right SIM card so wait just a moment

and you'll see what I see what I mean

again the AT&T branding that won't go

away you can see it says invalid SIM

card unlock and it says sim network

unlock pin now we can dismiss this but

we only get a few shots at this so you

don't want to get this wrong the code

that they send you unlock river sent me

actually will unlock this device so we

want to input the code and in my case

this is specific to the device it won't

work on yours as well so so you can see

I put that in that code is in hit unlock

network unlock successful I don't know

if you can see that and it went away and

now it will attempt to find a network on

the SIM card you have you get one shot

it stays unlocked permanently it's it's

hardware built-in so you can restore the

phone reset it doesn't matter it's

unlocked permanently and we can set it

up on a different network or whatever

we'd like now that the SIM unlock is

done you can put in your favorite SIM

card of your favorite carrier and set up

the APN as long as it's GSM it will work

on an AT&T device it's unlocked put in

whatever carrier you would like that

could be t-mobile or many others you

just want to go to your networks and set

up your APN under your mobile networks

that's been done in a different video at

least for a couple carriers here in the

United States by me there's lots of

different APNs elsewhere but set that up

pop in your SIM card and it will just

work and it works great let me know what

you think in the comments below if you

haven't tried this give it a try it's it

does cost a little bit of money again I

did that it unlockriver.com I'll leave a

link in the description below if you

haven't subscribed or comment

please do that and like the video as

always thanks for watching this is Erin

I'll see you next time