Data recovery from LOCKED Samsung devices with broken screen w/O ADB | DarTech

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keeping your device locked with a password is good way to keep others from spying on your stuff

but what happened when you drop the phone and break the screen

well you can’t get your data out of the phone without entering the password

luckily, I have a solution for you today,

as you can see or hear to be precise, the phone boots up perfectly

and you can even type but the screen is black

and when you try to connect it to the computer and recover your data

you can see its being detected but unfortunately, it’s locked

and ask you to enter the password on the device to gain access

well in that case, what you need to do is unplug it from the computer

then get OTG cable like this one

and any standard USB keyboard

now plug the keyboard to the OTG then plug it to the phone

start by checking if the keyboard is working and see if the Numpad LED is working

make sure to use the numbers on the top not the numbers on the Numpad

then hold the backspace to delete any text already entered before

now enter the correct password and don’t make any mistake or you have to start over again

don’t forget to hit enter button to confirm the password

now remove the keyboard and connect it again to the PC

and voila now you have access to all you data

you can recover your pictures, you can see your SMS and do whatever you like

i have to say, i tested this method on different devices (Samsung, one plus and Huawei)

but only Samsung devices detected the keyboard

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