SIM Unlock Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport For International GSM Use!

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hey there everyone this is Nathan from

Minnesota mobile guy I have with me here

today is sprint samsung galaxy s5 sport

it's kind of a more rugged version of

the galaxy s5 if we go ahead and pop

into the phone information we'll be able

to see that those details here on second

there we go pops up as the galaxy s5

sport with the model number g8 six zero

P which is indeed that sprint version

and this phone here is significant

because this is one that I have unlocked

for use on gsm networks outside of the

US so if we take a peek at the installed

apps here we can see that it is loading

now the what they call the sim toolkit

which is something that is pre-installed

in the phone that loads when the phone

is unlocked to let you do things with

the SIM card so this the specific SIM

card that I have here inserted is one