Galaxy S5: How Bypass Password (Lock Screen, Pin, Pattern, Finger Print, Swipe)

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ok so I have my samsung galaxy s5 here

and I'm gonna show you how to do a

factory reset or a hard reset basically

if you guys cannot get into your phone

maybe you forgot your lock screen or

your security password or you forgot

your PIN or the your fingerprints not

working what you can do is a factory

reset now the thing is if we do this

guys you are going to lose all of your

photos all your data all your videos are

going to be long gone

however there are options you can do

even after you format or reset this

phone there are programs where you may

be able to retrieve all of your lost

data now if you are able to get into

your phone and you just want to do a

factory reset because your phone's laggy

or maybe there's some apps not working

correctly and you just want to do you

just want to start back over to clean

slate then obviously what you want to do

is you want to back up your phone for

instance what I would do I would just

save my folk my important photos and

videos and just transfer to my SD card

so first thing we got to do is power

down the phone

okay my phone is off now what you want