How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5 To Any Carrier!

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for more information hey everybody its

hi Otto from check for geeks and today

we're going to take a look at how to

unlock the Samsung Galaxy s5 to be used

with any supporting carrier worldwide

let's take a look

so the galaxy s5 is Samsung's latest

flagship device and it's a pretty badass

phone so we're running the latest

version of Android 4.4 KitKat along with

Samsung's newest version of TouchWiz

there's a 16 megapixel camera on the

back that shoots awesome photos in 4k

video there's a heart rate monitor under

that camera a fingerprint scanner on the

home button and unless you're like me

and you've already broken off the USB

charging flap it should also be ip67

certified water-resistant so this is a

great phone that a lot of people are

going to find a lot of value in I've

been using mine for about a week and

loving it the only issue is my my Galaxy

s5 is only for t-mobile it's locked to

that Network and my carrier of choice is

actually AT&T so what we're going to do

is plug in an unlocking code from our

friends at the unlocking company comm

and get this working on any carrier now

this is something that you can do with

any galaxy s5 no matter what carrier no

matter what country so you should still

be able to go to the unlocking company

comm get your code from them and use the

instructions in this video to get your

phone unlocked so let's get started

unlocking this one alright so the first

step we're going to take here is

actually finding the IMEI of the phone

and what the IMEI is is basically the

serial number to the phone and that's

what's going to tell the unlocking

company comm exactly what unlocking code

to send us so define that what we're

going to do is just go to the settings

of the phone we're going to scroll to

the bottom here and hit about device now

from here just can't want to hit status

and I'm gonna scroll down and right

below phone number you're gonna see it

says IMEI I'm not gonna scroll on any

lower because that's obviously the iami

of my phone but that's that's how you're

going to find it

alternatively what you could also do is

go to the phone dialer which is going to

be right over here you're just going to

want to type in star pound zero six


once you type that it's gonna have a

little dialogue pop up with your IMEI

again I'm not going to type that in so

you don't see my IMEI but you know you

understand how that works so that's the

first step now we're going to actually

take a look at the website and see where

to go from there now that we're on the

website we're going to go ahead and get

started by moving over here to begin by

selecting your phone when I click on

your phone manufacturer is going to

bring a drop-down menu of and of course

when I click on Samsung and then your

phone model it's going to give us this

huge drop-down menu of all the different


Samsung has made over the years there's

a ton of them scroll through and go all

the way to the bottom and hit galaxy s5

unlock code right here and then from

there you're going to hit get unlocking

code it's going to take you over to the

next page now over here it's going to

ask for a little bit more info so it's

going to ask for the country was

purchased from which i'm gonna click

United States and carrier of the phone

as I said before is t-mobile now right

here is where it's going to ask for the

IMEI I'll put that in and be right back

in just a second alright so I've put in

my IMEI and now we're at the final step

of the process this is where it's just

going to ask for our billing information

so you can see that you can pay by

either credit or debit or alternatively

if you prefer you can also pay by paypal

there's also a spot down here where you

can enter a discount code if you have

one and once all said and done all

that's left now is to play the waiting

game so now that we've got our unlocking

code what we're going to do here is a

pop out the battery and backing of the

phone like I've already done here and go

ahead and put our AT&T SIM card into the

t-mobile galaxy s5 again you can do this

with any carrier so it doesn't really

matter what you've got we're just going

with AT&T right now because that's what

I have a hand so we're gonna put the

battery back in put the flap of the the

battery door I guess back onto the phone

and let's power it back on and see what

happens now the phone is power back on

what we're gonna do from here is just go

ahead and unlock the screen and here you

can see it says sim network unlock pin

so what it's doing right there is is

asking us for that unlocking code that

we just got what we're going to do here

is just type it in it's going to be 6 1

4 2 607 for hit unlock you can see

network unlock successful which is great

news so now what you're going to see

it's going to prompt me to close the

battery cover which I

already done and now if we just give it

a minute for the network to pull in

right up here you can see it still has

that little cross shows no signal and

just a minute we should blow Network

again and there it is

so just moments later you can see that

that circle with a cross through it has

gone away and in its place is four or

five bars of service with AT&T as you

can see right there by the pull down

menu which is great news so the phone is

unlocked now which you are going to

notice also is that there's no data

indication so I don't have an H for HP

plus there's no 4G LTE nothing like that

so what we're going to have to do is

actually set up the APN settings for

AT&T or whatever carrier you have so to

do that what we're going to do is just

go to settings if you're going to go to

the gear network connections over here

you're going to want to hit more

networks and then you're going to hit

mobile networks and access point names

that's what APN stands for in case you

didn't know and what we're going to have

to do is just go online look up the APN

settings for AT&T put those in manually

just by hitting that plus button you'll

just go ahead and type everything in

it's same once you've done that you

should start to pull in HSPA+ or

whatever data is currently available to

you and what's supported by the device

so that's about all there is to

unlocking the galaxy s5 you know again

thanks to the unlocking company comm

it's a really simple procedure you know

for a very very reasonable price so

thank you guys for watching I hope you

enjoyed this video if you want to see

more videos like this for how to unlock

other devices we'll have more of that

soon as well as well as smartphone

reviews unboxings and other coverage

thanks for watching guys and I'll see

you in the next one