Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlock Code SM-G900F Unlock Code

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hi I am CB welcome to faster Locker dot

in this is a provincial unlocking

website today I am going to show you how

to unlock the latest Samsung Galaxy s5s

mg9 0 0 F from now you can see the phone


this is the brand-new Samsung Galaxy s5

this phone orginally purchased from KC

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia when insert a

SIM card the phone is asking unlock

codes but now I am not inserted any SIM

card into the phone I am just inviting

you to see the phone

I'm just inviting you to see the phone

settings about phone so the model number

I am no version


I'm just looking for the about phone

yeah and here it is see do his name is

galaxy s4 model number SMG 9 0 0 EF

Android version 4 4 to see build number