Samsung Galaxy S4: how to remove a forgotten passcode, boot in recovery mode

hey guys Mike here and in this clip I'm

going to show you how to remove the lock

screen password on your Samsung Galaxy

s4 this works with all the lock screen

security options so if you forgot your

pattern password or unlock pin this will

help the solution is a bit brutal though

as you will have to factory reset the

phone that won't affect it in any way

but you will lose all the content on the

s4 including pictures contacts files etc

so make sure you're backing up your

phone often in case you might need to

reset it anyway let's go ahead and see

how this works first you have to turn

off the phone then you have to boot in

recovery mode for that you need to press

simultaneously the home power and volume

up buttons and keep them pressed for

several seconds just until the phone

screen lights up and starts displaying

the galaxy s4 logo now release the power

button but keep pressing the volume up

and the home buttons for a second or two

after you get the small blue text in the

top left corner of the screen saying

recovery booting after that just release

the other buttons and the phone should

start booting in recovery mode this

particular mode offers a couple of

options we're interested in the wipe

data/factory reset' one you can scroll

down to it by using the volume down key

and then select it by pressing the power

button the next screen will ask you to

confirm that you indeed want to reset

your phone and if you do press yes we're

not going to do that here though anyway

once you press yes be patient it will

take about a minute for the phone to get


once the process is finished select

reboot system now from the available

option and that's about it your phone is

now exactly like it was when you first

got it out of the box and the pattern or

the password are gone you have to go

through the setup process again and then

restore your content okay that's about

it for now if you have any questions

leave them below and make sure to stay

tuned for more details on the Samsung

Galaxy s4 I'll see you in the next video