Unlock Verizon - How to unlock any Verizon phone FREE

what's up guys today I'm going to show

you how to unlock the new Samsung Galaxy

S 10 I'm gonna show you how to unlock it

step by step and this is gonna be a

carrier in luck so we're gonna do a

factory carrier unlock to unlock the

network of this phone and then we will

be able to use it with any carrier in

any country so if we fly to any country

you just go ahead insert a SIM card and

you will be good to go okay so this is a

network unlock if you want to see a

passcode unlock this that's gonna be a

different video today we're gonna talk

about the factory network or lock we're

gonna go ahead and power off the device

once your phone is fully off we're gonna

insert a SIM card from a different

carrier for example if your phone is

locked to AT&T we're gonna go ahead and

insert a SIM card from t-mobile so I'm

just gonna go ahead here and I'm gonna

insert a SIM card from t-mobile or any

other carrier as long as it's different

from the original one so give me a

second right here there we go

we're gonna put the SIM card inside the

phone it's always tricky all right so

we're gonna power on the phone and we

will wait until the phone is fully on

and then it would require analog code in

order to use it with a different carrier

so we're just gonna wait a couple of

seconds right here alright so as you can

see here I got this message that

requires unlock code so seem network

unlock pin so we're gonna go ahead and

insert the unlock code we just got in

the email alright so we're gonna write

it down here alright so make sure it is

100% correct keep in mind that this

unlock code will only work one time for

this specific phone because it's

calculated based on your IMEI number

then we're gonna hit unlock seem network

unlock successful perfect that means

that the code was accepted and now this

phone is fully unlocked so as you can

see here I have a full bar and down here

we should get the carrier from t-mobile

let me show you so right here you can

see that it says t-mobile and it is a

simple as that guys that's how you

unlock a samsung galaxy s 10 if you have

any questions please let me know

in section down below and I will try to

answer all the questions as soon as I

can thank you so much and I'll see you

on the next one take care