Samsung Galaxy S4 unlock

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so you've picked up a shiny new Samsung

Galaxy s4 but before you can enjoy the

benefits of giffgaff it'll need to be

unlocked thankfully there's a simple

solution to free your s4 without costing

you a penny it works on every version of

the galaxy s4 except EES so if you're in

the mood for a little more giffgaff in

your life watch on step 1 turn the phone

on and open up the dialer step 2

then type star hash 0 0 1 1 hash on the

keypad step 3

press the Menu key then tap back on the

screen press the Menu key again and this

time select key input when the box

appears enter the number 1 and press ok

step 4 once again press the Menu key and

then tap back on the screen you should

now be in the surface mode main menu tap

the first option 1 UMTS then tap the

first option again 1 debug screen then

Unable to open file!