How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 SCH I545 Google Account (Fix FRP)

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hi guys Daniel here welcome to CID huh -

yeah - Chanel take a look at this

complete video then do it I talked to

you how to unlock samsung device FRP

lock protection without sin without on

cable without pc but how to do that FRP

factory reset protection lock protection

is known as factory reset protection a

new type of security lock

FRP is automatically activated when you

set up a Google account on your device

once FRP is activated it prevents use of

a device after a factory data reset

until you login using the Google

username and password previously set up

on the device actually this FRP lock is

developed by Google and we provides our

FRP and lock solution for free today

here we are providing the methods to

unlock FRP lock phones you can use this

solution for almost all my faulty locked

devices before starting one make sure

that your device is well charged ideally

the battery level should be on 60 to 70

percent the more the better

- internet connection via Whoopie

here is a step-by-step guide on how to

bypass Google account on your Samsung

Galaxy device