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YouTube what's up today I'm going to be

showing you a video tutorial on how to

unlock your Samsung Galaxy s3 for free

I've tried this and it worked so let's

go ahead and get started you're going to

want to go to your phone menu then

you're going to just dial in this number

one nine seven three two eight six four

zero pound you're going to get this menu

so you're just going to click the first

one and then debug screen and go all the

way down to form control once you're

here you go to network lock you click

the third one you don't want to wait for

about thirty seconds so you can skip

this part of the video I'll just come

back after the thirty Seconds alright

once you're done that you're just going

to go ahead hit the menu button and go

back and then once you're here you're

going to click the last one and then

again you're going to wait a minute or

more if you want and I'll come back

after that all right once you're done

you're going to go ahead and restart

your phone


once it's done you can just answer any

SIM card and there you go it's unlocked

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