How to bypass or rest, unlock a password on a Samsung Galaxy s2, s3, s4

how's it going guys so I have a samsung

galaxy s3 over here and it has a lock on

it and sometimes people try to get in it

and they can't they forget the password

or something you try to exit through

like Gmail try to unlock it and it

doesn't happen so here this is for

Sprint and some of them have different

different like programs that on them so

this one I'm not exactly sure which one

it is but um I'm going to show you guys

how to unlock this so see it's locked I

can't get into it you get like so many

tries before it gives you like 30

seconds before you have to try again and

then after that it gives you a couple

minutes and then you have to try it

again in a few minutes and then a

completely locks your phone so I don't

know the passcode on here which I

purposely locked to show you guys how to

unlock it there's no way to bypass this

and keep like all your information like

all your photos and everything there's

only like a factory reset unlock which

you'll still be able to use the phone

afterwards but I'll erase everything

like all your contacts all your photos

videos everything oh it's completely

resets your phone so what you want to do

in case you can't get into your phone

and you use this phone because it's a

couple hundred dollars what you do is

you open it up pull the battery out put

it back in and then this basically just

turns off your phone completely and you

need it off completely in case you have

it on you can just do a power off like

from the side but I just did it with a

battery because it completely resets the

phone so what you want to do click on

the volume button the UP button hold

that hit the home button hold that and

then you want to hit your power button

and then hold that so your phone will

vibrate like once as soon as you see

that blue icon up there let go of your

power button keep on holding a home

button and your power button and keep on

holding it you'll see that screen as

soon as it goes into that mode let go of

the buttons

and then you access basically the memory

of the phone so I'm going to zoom in a

little bit so you guys can see better so

it gives you a lot of information on

what kind this what kind of memory and

everything this phone has basically just

like the settings of the phone now

everybody gets into this so then you use

your power button try to focus in a

little bit use your a volume button to

scroll down and we want to go to wipe

data/factory reset' and you can use the

power button I mean the volume button to

go up and down so right there the one

below the highlight it says wipe the

wipe data/factory reset' that's where I

want to go in then you hit the power the

power button to say yes that's what I

want to do so then I'll go into this

screen and it'll ask dude do you want to

delete everything and you say delete all

user data and hit the power button again

and now it will automatically start

resetting and you have to give it some

time give it a couple minutes and I'll

automatically start okay and then it

pops into this menu pops into this menu

and it asks you to what you want to do

reboot the system you know basically the

same thing so you want to go to a reboot

system now which is the first

highlighted thing and hit the power

button again and I'll automatically

start resetting the phone and all your

data is wiped off now and you will have

full access to the phone but everything

will be cleared so be careful before you

do this make sure you tried everything

your Gmail account everything you can't

ask friends who ever knew your password

whatever if you want to keep all your

photos and everything because this

completely gets rid of all the info you

had on the phone

so now this a factory reset completely

wiped everything off the phone but

you'll be able to restart again I guess

make the phone usable so yeah I'm now

powering up gotta give it a few minutes

because this and then it's going to take

you through all the steps and you will

have to like log into your Wi-Fi and

like write your name in it and do

different things which is fine you can

skip that stuff but still powering up

thanks a lot for watching I also have

another video on samsung galaxy s3 how

to factory well it's not really a

factory unlock but it's an unlock like

if you want to switch from AT&T to

t-mobile or whatever like you want to

use a different carrier you can watch my

video and I show you in steps how to do

that and it will help you out in case

you know you bought a phone off like

Craigslist or something for AT&T and you

want to use it with a different carrier

you can always really easily unlock it

and I show you how to do it so see it

takes a couple minutes for the phone to

reboot but as soon as it does it will

take you through all the steps and it's

basically like getting a phone out of

the box when you buy from a carrier

store like team over 18 to your sprint

like I have here and it will basically

take you through all those steps and you

can start using your phone thanks a lot

for watching again I hope you this video

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