Samsung Galaxy S11e - The iPhone 11 Rival

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So after unveiling the first look of the Galaxy S11, Onleaks is back again with the first

look of the more affordable version of the S11, the Galaxy S11e.

If you don't know already there will be three Galaxy S11 variants, the S11e, S11, and the


We still don't know what the S11+ is going to look like.

Anyway, the S11e looks almost exactly like the S11 with a single punch hole camera up

front, slim bezels and that same rectangular camera design.

The difference is instead of 5 cameras, it has only 3.

The configuration should be similar to the one we have on the Galaxy Note 10.

I doubt Samsung would go with the 108Mp camera for the S11e because they need to keep the

cost down.

This handset will be a direct competitor to Apple's iPhone 11.

Apple priced it 699, so we can expect Samsung to do the same and price it around 700 dollars.

That said, unlike the S10e that has a capacitive fingerprint scanner at the side, the S11e

will have an in-display fingerprint scanner probably the ultrasonic one.

The display size is going to be either 6.2" or 6.3" which is good because one of the biggest

reasons the S10e didn't sell as well as say the iPhone XR was the small screen size.

So good to know that Samsung corrected their mistake this time.

And yeah, there's no headphone jack either.

So it looks like not all the variants of the Galaxy S11 will offer 45W fast charging capabilities.

The Galaxy S11 has been certified in China and it shows the device has support for 5G

and 25W of fast charging.

So that means the Galaxy S11 and S11e will not offer the support for 45W fast charging.

The Galaxy S11+ will be the only S11 handset to have the support for the 45W charging which,

to be honest, isn't really surprising.

Samsung does the same for the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ so a lot of us already knew

this but it's good to have an official confirmation.

So Ice Universe is giving some hope to us who don't like the camera design of the Galaxy


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