Hard Reset for Samsung Galaxy On5 Unlock Screen

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okay welcome to our harvest at the

Samsung Galaxy on fire from t-mobile

MetroPCS in this case is from a family

mobile I wanna mention really quick that

this video is the purpose of these steps

is to remove any passcode pin pattern

blocking the screen with the phone and

Google Chrome but I would like to

mention about Google Account that it is

UK Zedeck the screen is blocked with

Google it's very important for you to

know the email from Google and do your

password register already on this phone

because once you finish factory reset

with external buttons they will ask you

once you get to the home screen you need

to verify or enter the current email

address and password in order to proceed

okay so it's very very important to

understand that you need that

information if you don't have that

information you want to be able to get

to the home screen so are we able to get

to the main menu I mean main screen so

please if you know the email address on

this phone what you need to reset the

password is you forget password then

just go to a computer and you can reset

the password from there and then you'll

be able to use your phone after factory