Unlock your Metro Pcs Samsung On5 Free to any GSM Carrier

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hello everyone in YouTube that stick

back for in another video and this video

I want to show you how you can unlock

your Samsung Galaxy on five after you

unlock the phone you're going to be able

to put any service provider you want

support gsm so let's find out

let me explain a few things for you

before we start so first make sure your

phone connect to Wi-Fi 4G connection

this is very important and the second

thing you have to be sure that your

phone is active more than 90 days so

this phone should be active more than 90

days and then this phone it should be

eligible to get the GSM unlock code from

MetroPCS directly through the metro pcs

application we are going to be uh guys

able to see this application in metro

pcs folder so the application called

device unlock so go ahead and hit on

device unlock and then press on

permanent unlock and wait till the phone

requests the code for unlocking as you

guys can see unlock approved mobile

device is permanent unlock go ahead I

would recommend to restart your phone

right now and then turn off the phone

take the battery and then you should be

able to have any GSM carrier with a