How To UNLOCK Samsung Galaxy Note 10! - Fast and Easy

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and we are running what's up guys Chris

in here and welcome to another video

today I'm gonna show you how to unlock

your Samsung Galaxy Note 10

now in this case I have my phone this is

a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and

the problem is that it's locked to AT&T

and I use a different carrier I used

t-mobile so I'm going to show you how to

carrier unlock your Galaxy Note 2 10

it's a very simple process I have

unlocked hundreds of phones before and

today I'm going to show you how to

unlock carrier and lock this Samsung

Galaxy Note 2 10 now I have to mention a

couple of things this is a carrier

unlock this is not a passcode unlock so

if you forgot the passcode this video is

not going to help you there's gonna be a

factory carrier locked and once your

phone is unlocked you will be able to

use it with any carrier in any country

it is as simple as that it is a very

simple process I have unlocked many

phones before and the process is very

similar to the other to the previous

phones we have unlocked by the way this

is a paid service so this is not a free

unlock this is the best way to unlock

your phone you only need your computer