How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note Edge - Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note Edge for any gsm carrier

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What is up guys? In today's video, I'm going to show you how to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note

Edge so that you can use it with any sim card in the world.

All right, after you unlock your phone, you will be able to use it with any GSM sim card

worldwide. So this is a very, very cool phone. As you can see here, the back has all leather and

stuff, and it's really cool. The only problem is that it is locked to AT&T or to the original carrier.

So I'm going to unlock it to use it with my T-Mobile sim card. So we're going to do it step-by-

step. It is very, very simple. I'm going to show you how to do it, and all you need is your

computer with an Internet connection and your phone.

All right, so before we start, I have to mention that unfortunately there is no possible way to

unlock this phone for free. We will have to pay a small amount guys, but trust me, it is worth

every penny to have your phone fully factory unlocked, so that you can use it will all GSM sim

cards in the world. With that said, let's begin. So first, we're going to get the IME number. We

type star, pound, zero, six, pound, and then you will see the IME number popping up on your

screen. Here, you will see a 15-digit number that's called the IME number, and we're going to

use only the first 15 digits; ignore the last two. For now, we're going to put it here to the side,

and we're going to switch to the computer.

So we're going to generate the unlock code to unlock this phone, okay. So we're going to open

our Internet browser. I use Google Chrome, and we're going to go to the website

unlockriver.com, so let me just type it here. All right, so once the page loads up, you will see a

screen just like this, and we will have to select the original carrier of our phone. So this is the

place you purchased it, so in this case I brought my phone on United States AT&T. So I'm going

to select that one. Then you will have to select the brand of your phone. Of course, we're going

to unlock a Samsung phone, and then you will select the exact model and region of your phone.

This is very important, so make sure you select the right product, the right model you want to


So we're going to look where it says Samsung Galaxy Note Edge from AT&T United States.

without I'm just going to look for it down here. There we go, we select that one, and then the

most important step. Here you will have to write down your 15-digit IME number. Remember

that's the number we got at the beginning of the video. So just make sure you write here the first

15 digits; ignore the last two. So make sure it is 100% correct. Then just write down your