Unlock Sprint (Note 5)

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okay today what we have here is a Sprint

Galaxy Note 3

I'm sorry Sprint Galaxy Note 5 and one

of my shops sent this to me to do a

little too busy to the other computer so

keep in mind you can this is computer to

computer service you don't have to mail

in the phone so I have a cricket ATM

card here the item E is bad as you see

it says invalid card when you have a

sprint phone that says invalid card that

means that the phone is not a lot

invalid SIM card so now we will begin

the process of the unlock and the IMEI

appear you should see from the apps

there that this is an express own galaxy

note 5 Sprint will say that they unlock

your phone and they did not unlock your

phone if you come to us we will do a

drink a lot from computer to computer

and if your IMEI is bad like I say its

finance or was reported lost or stolen

then what we'll do is we'll repair imei

and you'll be able to use it if you have

a bad IMEI sprint phone and you unlock

it you will be able to use it on AT&T

just that simple

so now we'll begin let's start with the


so again I'm press the button invalid