Unlock Sprint (Note 5)

okay today what we have here is a Sprint

Galaxy Note 3

I'm sorry Sprint Galaxy Note 5 and one

of my shops sent this to me to do a

little too busy to the other computer so

keep in mind you can this is computer to

computer service you don't have to mail

in the phone so I have a cricket ATM

card here the item E is bad as you see

it says invalid card when you have a

sprint phone that says invalid card that

means that the phone is not a lot

invalid SIM card so now we will begin

the process of the unlock and the IMEI

appear you should see from the apps

there that this is an express own galaxy

note 5 Sprint will say that they unlock

your phone and they did not unlock your

phone if you come to us we will do a

drink a lot from computer to computer

and if your IMEI is bad like I say its

finance or was reported lost or stolen

then what we'll do is we'll repair imei

and you'll be able to use it if you have

a bad IMEI sprint phone and you unlock

it you will be able to use it on AT&T

just that simple

so now we'll begin let's start with the


so again I'm press the button invalid

colic so since I have a pricket SIM card

in here quick it is one the AT&T network

now that is not a lot it will work on

cricket but what we're going to do is go

further and change the IMEI and give it

IV I pair and we'll show you the IMEI

before and after


okay so now as I say I got a SIM card

anymore so you have CDMA and you have

LTE LTE is the DMA it's like Sprint and

Verizon networks different frequencies

then you have the GSM network so it's

search of a service now but it probably

can't find it as this one of CDMA / LTE

side and I'm the after this one is bad

so it won't work for the spread side so

what we do is we go and put it over to

the GSM side so we're going to go to

mobile networks network mode for the

network change and there's our GSM GSM

is t-mobile and AT&T networks and I'm

going to hit automatic and boom there's

quick it there so now this phone is

unlocked to go on GSM carriers if you

don't want to be on Sprint because a lot

of people don't like sprint there's the

cricket up there as you will see and now

that's looking at our I'm yeah let's go

to straw pound six pound alright as you

see there it's a nine nine IMEI that's

what most sprint phones like no 5s and

you know the older phones start with you

have a sprint phone is lost with 99 and

that's the IMEI for the sprint phone

they're going to be coming out though

with they have came out with a the IMEI

started with four three three five and

so forth and so on okay so now there's

your IMEI before they'll slide up the

risk and now we're going to change it to

a nice clean IMEI so so far you're going

to use this phone

there's our cricket notifications coming

down so far you'll only be able to use

this phone on AT&T network with a bad

IMEI and a lot so now we want to give it

an IMEI will be able to work on t-mobile


so there's an eye before and when a

rebo's will see after


our website is unblocked by samsung calm

like you'll block in a basket below

that's unblocked like you'd lock in a

basketball my samsung calm we've been

blocking it

do our laps also I forms also unblock my

samsung calm and same with iPhones if

you have that IMEI spread iPhone and

unlock it and you can use it on AT&T

network just as simple now we're on AT&T

cricket there we go so now let's look at

our IMEI

there you go there is our new IMEI so if

you need to get IMEI tear or neat

unlocks please consider flashing phones

computer the computer service real phone

numbers real people no chat bots like

the other sites thank you very much