How to unlock Google account lock Galaxy note 5

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okay you guys we're going to remove the

Google account for one galaxy note5 from

t-mobile the phone you can see is a is a

reserved with one Google account you

need to put your Gmail and the password

to gain but right now we're going we had

a solution we can remove out from the

account we can remove remove black

remote service you can stay from the

contour anywhere okay let's go with the

others were doing them

okay we're going to remove now


I have a remote service to log foulness

to repairing my blacklist I can fix AT&T

knock 5 AT&T Galaxy edge plus we are we

have any service to remote unlawfulness

just asking me my video

I left my information please remember

get game subscribe to my PI my pace to

get my new videos also I make a lot of

videos anytime ok we're going to unlock

this now ok first you need to ask the

phone ok volume down ok no more now

we're going to lock the phone ok it's




you can talk to the phone now is don't

ask in the more for the Google account