How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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hi everyone Aaron here for Zolo Tech and

I wanted to show you how to unlock the

Galaxy Note 4 unlocking your phone has a

lot of different benefits to it and I've

actually unlocked devices in videos

before and what it allows you to do is

take a phone that's locked to a carrier

in this case this phone is actually

locked to AT&T it'll allow me to put a

sim in it from a different carrier such

as t-mobile or any worldwide GSM carrier

you can use it worldwide at that point

and with any different carrier as long

as you've got the SIM card for it so

this one's actually locked to AT&T like

I said and I'll show you that in a

moment but in order to unlock the phone

you'll need to do a couple things and no

it's not illegal some people have that

actual question for me and have asked me

that in the past it's not a problem just

do a little search on it and you'll find

that but what you'll need to do is

actually get your IMEI number and you

can do that by going into your phone

turn on the phone

go to your phone dialer and what you

want to do is just dial star pound zero

six pounds so star pound zero six pound

that will pop up the IMEI number now