Latest How To Unlock All Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Without SIM Card For FREE! 2016

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hello youtube today I'm going to show

you how to input an unlock code without

any sim card but first of all you need

to obtain the unlock code from your

carrier and make sure your phone is paid

off and no money or no balance all on

your count then you can request from

either AT&T Verizon Sprint or some other

like cookie Wallis on a carrier or a

tentacle phone hitting the go phone once

you purchase a phone you own your own

phone so you don't there's no contract

it's a multi-month I purchased this

phone on May 16 let me talk about no I

submitted I'm Nicole requests on May 16

and today is May 23rd and they finally

semi unlock oh because this phone is

pretty new so that's I guess that's why

it takes a little bit longer for them to

get the unlock code back to me so right

now the phone

there's no SIM card and I power on

already so I'm gonna go to show you how

to enter the unlock code what they'll

input any sync I in there right now so

you hit the pound seven four six four

five two five star six three a star

pound Oh see

so I taught you wrong code so pound

seven four six five six to five stars