How to Remove Password or Code From Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Hard Reset

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hello everybody in this video I'm going

to show you how to remove the password

and to completely erase your Samsung

Galaxy Note 3 now this is a t-mobile

version of the phone this actual process

works with any carrier it doesn't

necessarily have to be t-mobile now you

might find yourself in a situation where

you possibly could have forgotten your

password or you're looking just to wipe

out the phone completely you plan on

selling it sometime in the future see

that if I put a password and it's

incorrect now the first thing I want you

to do is remove the back from the phone

and remove the battery as well now we're

gonna let it sit for maybe about give it

a lot give it a casette 10 seconds okay

mind you once again this process erases

everything out of the phone including

your contacts emails you know

applications whatever it may be

everything gets completely erased so

please keep that in mind okay the first

niche we're gonna look for is the middle

button here it's pretty obvious Bob on

the left side of the phone you'll see

the volume rocker you have to volume up

and volume down the opposite side of

that you have the actual power button