How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - Fast and easy

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hey what's up guys in today's video I'm

going to show you how to unlock a

samsung galaxy note this word for a

samsung galaxy note 3 - and in the

normal mode so in this case I have the

first samsung galaxy note and I'm going

to show you how to unlock it so that you

are able to use it with any GSM SIM card

worldwide ok so all you need is your

phone or it is something yeah -

something galaxy note I don't know if

you call this a phone or a tablet but

anyways you and you will need a SIM card

and not accept a SIM card for example my

phone is from AT&T and I'm gonna need a

sinker that is not from AT&T alright and

the next step the other thing we're

gonna need is the internet connection on

your computer these works for Windows

and Mac as well or any other computer ok

so now before we get started I want to

mention one thing there is no way to

unlock samsung phone or samsung device

for free ok unfortunately this process

you will have to pay for this process

but trust me it is worth every penny

ok it increases the resale value of your

phone you're gonna be able to use it


so anyways let's get started ok so the