How To Unlock and Root the Sprint / Verizon Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE / GSM!!

trials and tribulations man I figured it

out all right you got to download the

Galaxy Nexus toolkit from the link I'll

put in the description and when you do

just keep clicking next and then it

installs this you need to have version

six tab number 1111 and press Enter then

press one choose your system and then

it's gonna have a little thing that says

this is not assigned driver don't

install click it and then reboot your

computer once all the drivers are

installed then you'll be back at this

page press 3 type yes I can't tell you

how much frustration this little part

right here is caused you have no clue it

drives me up the wall because the phone

is still in the system not doing

anything but if you look at the previous

screen it says fastboot so I'm like GUI

we're gonna put the phone in fastboot

the easiest way I know how to do it it's

go to platform tools hold shift

right-click and then choose open command

window here type ADB reboot boot loader


all right now the phone's rebooting and

it says unlock bootloader keep in mind

this is going to erase everything your

phone will be just as if you bought it

from the Sprint store so make sure you

have backed everything up all your

contacts are stored in your Google

account where they should be anyway so

you don't worry about those everything

all your music your pictures are gonna

be gone cuz this only has internal

memory so make sure you're prepared and

you've transferred everything you need

over to your computer then press volume

up I goofed and I press the wrong button

all right so we're back in the system

I'm gonna go ahead and reboot it to

bootloader again after pressing 11 and

then type yes and then go back to the

platform tools and then hold shift

command prompt ADB reboot boot loader

you can get there by pret holding volume

down and up and also pressing power okay

I'm going to press 3 and type yes

now iPhones asking me now I need to

principle you up which is this one then

the press power

it says device unlocked hopefully you

can read that I'm pretty sure you can

since we're already in fastboot we're

gonna go ahead and do all these things -

I'm going to press option 4 yes see

there's a little icon to let you know

that your bootloader is now unlocked and

now that we've done this we need to go

in there and enable USB debugging again

sometimes it's reset the phone see it

says it right there

I think it's stuck in the reboot oh no

it's not it's not stuck yeah unplug it

you think you gonna ask you how I did

this part I can't get up it is like

straight up alright I sign into my

Google account now I'm just gonna go

ahead and enable USB debugging real

quick already checked plug in the USB


everybody get back in the bath



under press option 5 just to do it okay

yes we need to do this



all right option six press option to you

if you want that one

oh wow I could just press option seven

and done all that at one time holy cow

unlock or rename alright goodness that's

what I get for not reading

alright go ahead and reboot this thing

now when you go to reboot to recover you

simply have it all right done with the

computer alright go ahead and reboot

this thing now hahaha yeah clockworkmod

recovery reboot this thing now


super user super user super user we've

got to test it and see if we have it so

why not download titanium backup this

phone is very very fast and I'm gonna

hope to do my review today while all

your apps that you had on your phone are

now being restored google did it

automatically it's just doing it when I

signed in man if I just figured that out

last night out there they'll do it last

night I couldn't figure out last night

I'm gonna open two teeny back up and it

should ask for root

he'll freakin yeah that's why you choose

Android / io s Amy freakin day allow

have issues ha ha sure waffles would

agree with me Josh has issues and menu

help and support about and what do you

see right there in the middle yeah I got

a full review of this and it's actually

linked to the Android Market

I'm sorry Google Play Store I am going

to update my review because there's been

a whole lot of new features but it's

gonna take me some time because I want

to work really hard on it make it better

than the last video this is what would

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I'm gonna go make my review of this I'm

going to be making plenty more videos of

this awesome device and I can tell you

right now that it's way better than evo

3d bike you can't even measure the

greatness of this phone this is what

we're josh doing I'm out