How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy J7 Star

this video we're going over how to

unlock your Samsung Galaxy j7 star so

you can use it with any carrier


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new videos let's jump right in and show

you how to unlock your Samsung Galaxy j7

star the first step is to go to the

phone app and go to the dialer and we

need to get your IMEI so you're going to

dial star pound zero six pound that's

gonna bring up our IMEI make sure you

write this first number down you're

going to need that for the unlocks go

back home and go to Google Chrome and

here we are going to type in the

unlocking company comm and once you get

to the website you will need to answer a

couple of questions so the manufacturer

which is samsung the model of the phone

so Galaxy j7 star a lot of j7s as we can

see click on unlock now on the next

screen you don't have a couple more

problems that will ask about where you

purchase the phone so the country the

carrier click Next again and on this

next page it will ask for the IMEI that

we got in the first step of the video

and also your contact information so

we'll tap here and go ahead and enter

the IMEI

you're gonna put in your first name and

last name and your email address


and your phone number before you hit

order now you'll want to swipe down and

read this disclaimer it's basically

going to tell you that when you unlock

the phone you'll be able to now use the

phone with any GSM carrier and you will

not be able to use the phone with CDMA

carriers so just an example 18t t-mobile

metro pcs Crickett Consumer Cellular

these are all considered chi and sim

carriers and companies like Verizon

Sprint Boost Mobile C Spire those are

considered CDMA carriers which you

cannot use a GSM phone on so it's

important for you to check the carrier

that you want to use the phone with and

make sure it's a GSM carrier you can

also go on usually you can go on

wherever their website is and they have

a bring your own phone compatibility

link that you can basically type in the

model of the phone and they can tell you

if the phone will work on the network or

not so do that due diligence first

because the last thing you want to do is

unlock the phone and it not work on the

carrier you want to use it with so make

sure it's a compatible carrier with the

phone you have next here you'll find the

average price to unlock this phone for

other companies


next you're going to power down the

phone just hold the power button tap

power off you're gonna grab the sim tool

that you'll find in the box then you

purchase the phone in if you can't find

this tool just look for a paperclip and

on the left side and the lower bottom

you'll find the

SIM card tray you know and put that to

good to pop out take out your old SIM

card and put it in the sim part of the

new service you're trying to use hold

down the power button to restart the

phone and at this point you will want to

refer to the either email or text that

you get from the unlocking company with

the final instructions the process to

unlock the phones changes a lot

so in our old videos we used to walk you

through the whole process and we found

out that it was frequently changing and

that the ends weren't relevant so we're

gonna stop the video here when you get

that email or text from the company with

the final steps and if you have any

issues again go back to their website

and make sure you connect to their

support and have them walk into the end

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