SAMSUNG J3 6 2016 HARD RESET - security code bypass

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hello guys today I will show you how to

reset your phone if you don't remember

your password or the software not work

properly so fills you what you're going

to do is to cherish your phone above

hundred percent turn off your phone

and push and hold button volume up home

button and power button together when

the phone is turned on you should help

volume up home button together and

release power button and wait until

green and red show up on the screen so

let's get started

hit one hit to kick three release power


okay this is a secret mini menu we and

we gonna choose option wipe cache

partition by hitting power button and

second wipe data/factory reset' hit yes

and voila now we got a reboot system now

and phone is fully reset now you don't

have any password on it and software

will be in factory settings I hope this

video helped you if yes you can

put the hands up and see you in next