How to Unlock The Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime Safe & Secure!!


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in today's video I'm going to be showing

you guys how to unlock the Samsung

Galaxy j-3 prime and so there are a lot

of benefits to unlocking your phone one

of which is that you can use it with

most carriers and I'm gonna be showing

you guys how to do it so first of all I

mean turn your phone on and go to your

dialer so what you're gonna do in your

dialer is that you're gonna get

something called the IMEI and the IMEI

is basically an ID for your phone it's

your phone serial number so you dial

star pound zero six pound and you'll be

greeted with this screen that shows you

your IMEI and so like I said your IMEI

is your serial number the serial number

of the phone so either you can either

screenshot it write it down or save it

however you want to save it but make

sure you have that number down so after

that you're gonna get on your computer

and you're gonna type unlock in company

comm and shout out to them for

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video once you're in the website the

unlocking company comm what you do is

you have you'd be greeted with the

screen that says manufacturer and model

so pick the manufacturer which in our

case would be Samsung and the model

would be the so it's an alphabetical

order so I'll just scroll down to until

you see the Galaxy j-3 Prime and then

after that hit unlock now and it will

greet you to this next screen and I'll

show you four different steps so it will

first tell you which country did you

purchase it from in my case that's the

United States and it will ask you for

your current carrier which again in my

case would be Metro which again in my

case would be match

you see yes so you go ahead and click on

that and you hit next so after that it

will tell you to enter your IMEI number

the one that we just entered so you

enter that and your enter your full name

and also one of them one of one of the

important pieces is your email address

so after they send you the email you

have a sim card of the network that what

you want to use so for example AT&T

let's say and you take alright and then

you put your SIM card in there so we put

the AT&T SIM card turn on the phone

and so once the phone turns on you will

be prompted to a screen that will ask

you to enter the pin code which will be

in the email that was sent to you so

what you do is you enter that pin and

that's that really pretty much that's it

it will say that your phone has been

successfully unlocked and now it will be

ready to use in most gsm networks also

some devices some devices are unlocked

via the unlock app so if it doesn't

prompt you to enter a code then don't

worry the unlocking company can still

unlock the unlock your Galaxy j-3 prime

shut up - the unlocking company for

sponsoring this video and I'm pretty

sure that they will take good care of

you guys so the link would be in the

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if you want to unlock your Galaxy j-3

prime so I want to thank you all so much

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