How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Gear S (SM-R750W, SM-R750A, SM-R750T) - Updated Unlocking Tutorial



make sure you put in the right eye and

I'm going to do it this way that's

against AI sorry for the cough my my

throat is killing star pound zero six

pound okay show you a number

hey Mei Yin PO don't you see that that's

the way to get your IMEI number okay

don't get it off the box stuff like that

it can't be wrong you don't want that

don't go that route do like I just

showed you


this is the site here cell unlocker done

it you go here basically enter what

brand you have you know Samsung ah you

know it's gonna take you to UM you put

in your model number of course it's the

gear s what network it's currently

locked to scroll all the way down USA

AT&T you to like that and then of course

you put in your IMEI number look for the

code people with IMEI number right you

get a a green light saying it's a go and

you can order it and they'll tell you

how much the code is they're pretty very

reasonable for price considering how

fast the unlocks are if you're trying to

unlock something you can't just go to

AT&T or Verizon say hey I want to lock

this and expect to get your code it

doesn't it just doesn't always work like

that so these people will do it pretty

quick and you know and a very very

respectable price so I've used them

quite a few times anyways so you got the

process there cell on Locker down net

they'll email you a code look something

like this

phone information you know tells you

what you requested to unlock I scribbled

out blue that Network code that is gonna

be the code that we're going to enter

for the unlock code


pop that t-mobile SIM back in and that's

the one that's gonna give us that nice

little message state all right as you

can see network lock all right so my co

was no yep seven zero

okay code accepted well alright so we

now and basically the SIM card is not

serviced but it's showing bars but I

don't have an active number but if

basically if you have service you know

you you can be able to make calls on it

you now have a you know a t-mobile watch

or can you can easily on t-mobile

network I'll show you something if you

go to this certain area you can change

your APM I'm trying to find it here

there we go this is the access point

your APN memory see you see how this is

t-mobile before you wouldn't get that

you couldn't change and you couldn't

edit them you can do anything so now you

can it allows you to do that so you now

have a you know be able use a team

overall self styling locker dotnet do

that and you will have a gear s that is

guilty going to mobile or any other GSM

carrier that will work with these bands

you guys thanks for watching and take