Samsung Express Prime 3 How to bypass screen lock. ( password , pattern...)

hi everyone Altru had to babe as a

password than yours Samsung Express

Prime three it's the newest one so far

so it's if you forgot password or

pattern whatever lock you have it

doesn't matter so all you need to do get

out to this menu and then hold power and

restart the phone once you click the

restart you'll need to hold volume and

and home button part once the phone is

off so hold volume up home button and

then power at the same time once the

phone is completely off it's gonna get

recovery mode okay here it is now you

can scroll down and wide data and

factory reset use volumes to go up and

down and then to press yes you have to

use Farben press ok and scroll down

press yes again it's gonna delete

everything of your phone all pictures

everything will be gone so all data and

everything you have so before you're

gonna do it make sure you want to do it

to bypass the password on ok once you

did the wipe data you can reboot to

system now and it's gonna be just like a

new phone it will take a little bit more

time to start just because you

completely reset the phone

and just a lot some extra time to start


okay finally starting the phone after a

couple minutes uploading okay you can

see just like a new phone you can bypass

all of this options it's not gonna

bypass Google lock if you have it'll get

stuck right here and this option if you

have Google a lock on the phone so

that's like it different if you wanna

see how to bypass that you have to

search for the Google lock remove or

there's some special services on eBay

people will do it for like ten bucks but

as you can see the password is gone you

can set up a new one if you drill it on

- okay

bypass completely so just like a new

phone completely as you can see looking

at your info if you'd like to okay

vanish and all done thanks for watching

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