How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime 3 To Any GSM Carrier Fast Easy Step By Step

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hey what is up guys John format

detective units a days video I'm gonna

show you guys how to unlock this phone

the Samsung Galaxy amp Prime 3 from

Cricket Wireless go ahead and leave a

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if you're gonna unlock this phone or any

other phones through the unlocking

company comm so let's go ahead and take

a look first step in the process is to

go ahead and get your IMEI numbers

you're gonna go ahead and hit star pound

zero six pound and you're gonna go ahead

and copy this IMEI number down write it

down keep it safe for future use and

we'll go ahead break next step in the

process is gonna go to the unlocking

company comm great company to work with

they've been unlocking my phones for

quite some time now

use them several several times their

link is gonna be in the description

below but you just seen it be online

company.com so who makes your phone

we're gonna go ahead and go over to

samsung done

all right and we're gonna go ahead and

go over to select your model and this is