How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy A10e

in this video we're going over how to

unlock your Samsung Galaxy a 10-8 so you

can use it with any carrier hey everyone

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we're going to show you how to unlock

your 18e and the first step is going to

be this you're going to go to the phone

app go to make sure on the dialer and

type in star pound zero six pound that's

going to show us our IMEI the second

step well the first thing is make sure

you write down this number here because

you will need this for the next step

we're going to go home go to Google


and we're gonna go to the website I'm

knockin company.com okay and from here

we're just going to follow the prompts

so first we're going to select a

manufacturer which is Samsung and then

the model it's going to be the Galaxy



all right there we go you're gonna tap

on unlock now once we're on this screen

we're going to swipe down and fill out a

few more prompts so select the country

you purchase the phone in and the

carrier click Next and on this last

screen here you will need to input the

IMEI that we dive in the first step of

the video so let's go ahead and put that

number in now put in your first name and

last name and you're gonna put your

phone number in they used to ask for

email but I believe now they just oh

excuse me that was my mistake

first and last name up top and then

email address okay once we can put that

information hold off on hitting order

now you're going to want to swipe down

here and there's just a couple of

disclaimers that are important to read

here so this unlock is basically you can

make the phone open to use with any

carrier any GSM carrier so it shows you

a list of all the GSM carriers AT&T

metro pcs t-mobile cricket Consumer

Cellular and there's obviously more

domestically there nationally and

specifically the carrier is that it

won't work on even if it's unlocked

they're going to be what are called CDMA

which is a different type of network

CDMA network carriers Verizon Sprint

Boost Mobile C Spire and several others

so if you don't see your carrier on this

list what I would tell you to do is to

just Google that carrier and type in

bring your own device compatibility and

it tells you that same thing right here

bring your own phone compatibility link

and basically you can check that link to

see if that phone will work on that

network you do want to check that first

because in

cases again if you're unlocking it to go

to sprint in most cases it may not work

with Sprint so you just want to make

sure that the carrier you're trying to

use it with is a GSM carrier and you

should be fine you'll find the price

here the normal price they always give

you a discount this is what you're gonna

pay average turnaround time but it tends

to be again closer to the first number

not the second and that's it to proceed

click order now you check out and pay

and wait to get an email or text message

from the unlocking company with your

unlocking pin and also the final install

instructions which are very important

because the process to unlock your phone

constantly changes so that message will

give you the final steps and obviously

here is the phone number as well so if

you have any issues you can call them

and connect to their support and they

can walk you through finishing the

unlock from there the next step is we're

going to go back to home we're going to

hold power and we're going to turn the

phone off and once the phone powers down

we're going to use the little sim tool

you find the box the phone if you can't

find that find a paper clip and you're

going to want to open the SIM tray which

is in the upper left side of the phone

from here we're going to take out our

MetroPCS SIM card and put in a credit

SIM card in your case just put in the

creek put in the sim part of the carrier

you're trying to use and then you'll

hold power and restart the phone and at

this point you'll want to refer to the

instructions you receive either by text

or email from the unlocking company with

the final steps again on how to finish

the unlock so that will take you to the

last couple of steps and after that your

phone being unlocked you'll be able to

use it with any carrier hope you guys

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