How To Unlock Galaxy Note 9 - Passcode & Carrier Unlock (AT&T, T-mobile, etc).

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what's up guys welcome to another video

my name is Christian and today I'm going

to show you how to unlock your samsung

galaxy note 9 so I have my phone here

and I'm gonna unlock it with you

together in this video it's gonna be

really simple now I have to explain a

couple of things now there are two types

of locks if you want to see it like that

the first one is the carrier unlock and

the second one is the passcode unlock so

the carrier unlock is if you want to use

your phone with any other carrier for

example I bought my phone with t-mobile

or with AT&T and I want to unlock it to

use it with another carrier like

Toulouse Vodafone orange t-mobile any

other carrier so that's the carrier

unlock and the passcode unlock it's in

case you forgot the security code of

your phone or for some reason you're

locked out because you don't know the

security pin or password or that kind of

stuff so I'm gonna show you how to

unlock it so that you're able to use

your phone back again now first we're

gonna start with a passcode unlock and

then we're gonna proceed with a carrier

unlock if you are interested only on the

car you're in luck please go ahead and