How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 5

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hi everyone Aaron here for Zolo Tech and

I wanted to show you how to unlock the

galaxy note 5 this is actually the AT&T

branded note 5 and in order to use it

with any other carrier we need to unlock

it so there's a couple steps we need to

do in order to unlock it and what this

will allow us to do is put a sim card in

there for pretty much any GSM carrier

worldwide so if it's locked to AT&T

right now that's all we can do but if we

want to use it overseas or say with

t-mobile in the United States or some

other carrier we can't do that until

it's unlocked it won't allow us and I'll

show you that in a minute

the first thing we need to do is get the

IMEI number so we're going to tap on

phone and then we're going to put in

star pound zero six pound that will pop

up the IMEI now that we have the IMEI we

need to go to a website in order to

unlock it so let's check that out now

now that we're at the unlocking company

comm we need to actually put in our

information about our phone so first

thing here is your phone manufacturer so

we'll scroll down to Samsung will pick

our phone model and we'll find the note

5 this can take a while because