Unlock your Ikea combination

hello hope you find this video helpful I

got locked out

akia cabinets two days ago my toddler

had played with the combination that I

hadn't used for probably about a year

and I forgotten it and she locked the

cabinet and I didn't did not know how to

get back into it with without a without

the combination so in this video I'll

show you how to recover that combination

just using a simple tool this is the

kind of IKEA cabinet I'm talking about

like this kind of this is a simple one

goes along a desk and I think they

probably makes several cabinets that use

this kind of combination lock and you

could use this technique for any of

those kind of cabinets that is this kind

of combination like this three-digit

combination lock so this was a situation

I had this drawer open because I get

into stuff in and out of it often and

this was probably in the open position

like this and I probably just had their

number the correct number combination

here I just left this open like this for

months like this and just used it like a

normal board and really use the lock and

think what she did was she came in here

closes drawer like this turn the

combination like that and you start

playing with the numbers like this like

that then all of a sudden you're locked

out so can't get into the cabinet at all

and without knowing the combination I

was pretty much locked out of my own

cabinet so I'm going to show you how to

recover that combination using a simple

tool okay this is the tool I'm going to

be using it's a very it's a sharp knife

it's a steak knife but it's super super

thin and it's got a really good low fine

point on it and you need a tool very

similar this needs to have a nice little

point on it that you can feel around on

and it's going to be super thin so that

you can get in between these on

in between these number dials and people

feel around on them okay so that's one

thing this is basically how this is

working here then each of the number

dials is just basically a circle with a

knock on it and we need to find that

knock we're using the tip of this knife

to do that so we're going to use the tip

of the knife to find that knock and we

need to do that three times so for each

of the Dallas so we need to find three

knocks once we find the three knocks

we'll be able to open a combination okay

we'll start now here is the first number

and we'll start here on on the left hand

side and I'll just put the knife in here

point down along that wheel and I'll

slowly turn it I'm feeling for that

knock just turning it and feeling for

the neck there I felt it go down so down

like that's pretty obvious when you hit

it small at the knock is pretty small

but if you have a good tip the little

tip there you should be able to feel it

when it falls down on there so I'll go

and set to 5 because that's number

closest to the knock and again I'm going

to same thing on the second one here

yeah I felt it go down right there so go

to 1 because that was closest to the

knock and sink in here

this is the third one and for the neck

there's time to go down so move over to

the next the closer number which is

going to be four so that's what we got

so now at this point we've got the three

numbers and the knocks are all facing

upward so that's actually how we had to

do it because we needed to find them

when we had not have to find the knocks

we actually need all the all the knocks

to face downward so we need to rotate

this whole combination through 180

degrees to be able to get to the correct

number and easiest way of doing that is

just rotate each one of these together

and just make sure you have them even

and just test each one that's the

easiest way you could also just rotate

180 degrees but you might be off by one

number or something so if you just do

each one you know you'll get it okay so

I think we're getting really close now

and that's it so that's an elegant now

we can open tonight again so that's

pretty much it

and then down