Gaggenau ci491 Instruction 12 7 13

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okay this is an instruction on how to

use the Gaghan al CI 491 cooktop this is

the cooktop that has the trim so it's CI

four nine one six one two and this is

without the knob on it it won't really

work without the knob here's the knob

its magnetic and you can clean it with

the knob off take the knob off to stop

it it will turn off as I'll show later

and when you want to use it you can put

it in a snaps right place with the

matter that it is induction so it will

any induction useable cookware this is a

magnetic stainless with an aluminum core

you can also use anything that any other

induction could you could work with it's

got to have some ferrous metal in it

somewhere and then it will work one of

the features that works pretty well on

this one in my opinion is that different

size pans will pretty much all work on

any of the hobbs i have another one

that's even smaller that i've been able

to use on even the biggest of here as

long as it's placed relatively in the

center it'll work they may not all work

as well they work tend to work better if

they're on a hop its appropriately sized

but you know sometimes you may have

different size pans and you need two