Spider-Man Ps4 - All Gadgets Unlocked and MAX Power

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and so Sakura pretty my name is will to

learn ladies and gents welcome welcome

on back to a brand new and exciting

video for Marvel's spider-man or

spider-man ps4 today we've got a really

cool video because we are going to go on

ahead and pause the game and take a look

at our gadget screen so as you can see I

have gotten not only every single one of

the gadgets collected but in addition to

that we have got them fully fully

powered up so they have maximized their

potential we're gonna put them all to

the test here in just a moment with some

different challenges so that should be a

whole lot of fun but first let's run

through them and actually take a look at

what we have so first and foremost you

have the web-shooters which is the first

and primary item that you're going to be

using please I would imagine in the game

and you've got five different upgrades

available for this particular web

shooter and I should I guess describe

rapid fire web shooters shoot enemies

near walls to stick them to walls it

doesn't have to be walls it could be any

like stationary items so if there's like

a light post or maybe there is a car

things like that so anything that's