Unlocking the Tier VI USA Medium Tank Sherman Fury on World of Tanks on Xbox One Edition on 1-21-17

hey everyone hey it's me Simon 2016

heroin I'm going about the new tank

today I'm going to like a sermon phewee

ultimate this tank it's Gunther if the

fear thing its basic from its may I

heard it from the two thousand fourteen

million theory it's supposed to be

really cool um awesome mini tank it's a

USA tr6 i think is let's go and get this

spirit tank I mean want to get this time

for a while since it came out like a two

years ago but it's worth it so mmm

where's my new tank

Wow look at this few team I never had

the distant her to come and look at the

detail if you can look at the look at a

such fury unbeliever I can't believe it

it's a tier 6 I should i bitterly a hard

hearing this but looks when I arch with

good good penetration and really good

welcome to the family theory tank I wish

it had to be or something AB nice and

looks very nice Duncan wall is it was

really nice team hmm Wow very impressive

not surprised the back doesn't not sure

oh it is barely see it this American

tank so I'm great American armor can I

had a lot of American tanks now a lot

and um I look at the fuse is very you

know what was checked IAM sultan here

yes look that thing I almost check the

crew heard the crew members different

mmm sartre warded that's not sick he's

from the movie hmm your daddy yeah

that's funny um I need Mara to put these

up the supplies for my tanks I want my

mess up and my first try um looks really

cool I don't really think it's I mean

it's really impressive tank if you

really know I'm talking about well I

hope you enjoyed my video and this

probably my last tank I'm partner by or

get unlock um kinda went up I'll get new

one um maybe peanuts maybe um but I

think for watching hope you enjoy this

video um thanks for watching and please

subscribe and please like & comment

please there's a lot