How To Collect Every Furniture Item in Animal Crossing New Horizons!

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Arbuckle welcome back to another video

today we are once again a back on Animal

Crossing New Horizons and I wanted to

share with you guys how to collect every

item and when I say item I mean

furniture item as well as accessories in

Animal Crossing as quickly and easily as

possible so if you're like myself you're

probably on that grind trying to collect

as many things as you can to decorate

the inside and outside of your house and

it can be a real hassle trying to

collect everything whether it be through

nooks crannies anouk shop or just

finding DIY projects along the beach or

in trees so I wanted to make a video and

give you guys a guide on what you should

do and give you guys a good strategy to

collect as many items as you can as

quickly as you can so essentially the

first thing you want to do is start with

a lot of money I have a video that I

just uploaded earlier today on how to

make a ton of money collecting exotic

fruit I'll leave a link to that at the

end of this video so you can check that

out but essentially you want to start

with a decent amount of money and you

want to pick a specific day of the year

so I started with April first you can do

this time traveling that is generally

how I do it to go fast if you don't want

to cheat you want to play the right way

then you can still do this strategy and

it works just as well it just won't be

as quick but essentially again like I

said you want to start with one day of

the year I'm starting with April 1st

with a decent amount of money and you

want to go at 2 nook's cranny when you

go into nooks cranny

obviously there's random items that are

generated every single day sometimes

you'll get some of the same items most

of the time you're gonna get new items

and you want to make sure that you're

documenting what items you already have

you can actually check that by going

through the nope shop in the residence

building and you can go through in

everything that's in the nope shop is

something that you've had your hands on

in game that you've either built that

you've come across that you've purchased

and you can basically start with that

list what I generally do is keep a list

on my phone and every time I get a new


I'll put it into that list in an

alphabetical order form so that I know

what items in the game that I have yeah

that probably goes a little bit too hard

but it's much easier to keep track of

what I have and what's new and what I

what I don't have so

you want to keep track after you go to

nook's cranny you want to purchase

everything that's new you want to get

one of each item when you do that it's

going to go into your catalog in the

Nook shop catalog at that point you're

able to purchase almost everything on

different days whenever you want so if

it's in the catalog you'll be able to

pick it up you know if you're doing

something like let's say for example you

phone you find a floor light in the shop

and you know when you decorate your

house you want more than one floor light

you only need to buy one at the

beginning when it comes to decorating

your house you can go to the Nook shop

and order more floor lights so it'll be

really easy to do that you don't have to

stress about buying multiple things at

one time but after you hit and hooks

cranny the next thing you want to do is

hit the residence building and check the

nuke shop now every day there's

specialty items there's always going to

be two types of furniture items /

accessories a lot of the times they're

gonna be something that's already in

your nook shop catalog but sometimes

you'll get something that's new and

that's a good way to also get another

extra item or an extra two items every

single day that you're playing you can

also get DIY projects now obviously this

has to do with a lot of the furniture

and accessories in game and the best way

to do that while you're doing this

strategy is to make sure that you're

checking the beach every single day that

you log in every day that you log in

there's going to be a bottle that washes

up on shore with a DIY project in it you

may already have it but if you don't you

can use it and add it to your catalogue

and and really keep track of what you

have so again make sure you're hitting

the nook's cranny then go hit the nope

shop you can also check the miles

program now the miles program generally

doesn't change it's almost always the

same stuff but as you're collecting

these miles by opening your bank every

single day you're going to be able to

purchase more and more items therefore

adding it to your catalog and collecting

as many items as you possibly can so

once you hit that and collect that DIY

project every day that washes up on the

beach and then rinse and repeat time

travel or wait it out until the next day

so for example like I said I started on

April 1st I just work my way through the

way that I continue to make money so

that I don't run out on a specific data

buy something is because I have a giant

exotic fruit farm on my island every

couple of days that's that fruit

respawns and every time it responds I'll

collect it all and sell it and really

just stash the money so that as the days

go on and I'm going

through I'm able to have enough money to

purchase everything if there's something

in the store that's 200,000 bells

fortunately I already have enough and

can buy it and continue moving on to the

next day so it's a slow process when it

comes to making money at the same time

that you're doing this but it's a really

really effective strategy to collecting

as many items as you possibly can and

really keep track of it now obviously if

I go on April 1st and then I log out in

time travel to July and then travel back

to April 1st there's probably gonna be

new items in nook's cranny but it's just

easier to go day after day and really

collect them and add them to your

catalogue and pay attention to how much

stuff you have other than that there's

really not any other good way of

collecting as many items as possible

those are the three or four best ways

again nooks crannies a nuke shop redeem

the miles and then collect the DIY

projects those are the four main ways

that you're going to get all of these

items and and this is the best strategy

to go about doing this logging in every

day whether you're time travel you can

knock out several days in a real in one

real-life day and it's really easy to

blow up your catalogue I've already

gotten several hundred items I feel like

I'm already getting close to the amount

of items in the game because of my order

I just have like so many things and when

you collect everything it makes it so

much easier to start decorating your

house I know a lot of people like

collecting sets and not and having each

room maybe like a specific kitchen set

or a specific bedroom set and once

you're able to collect all of these

items and put them in your storage it's

very easy to go through and kind of pick

and choose what you want but that's

another thing I don't think I mentioned

as you're buying these items so once you

kind of fill yourself up in your

inventory make sure that you're

depositing all these into your home

storage I have my house upgraded all the

way so I believe I have 1600 open slots

which is obviously plenty if I'm trying

to collect every item in the game so

just store it in your house and die and

keep going if you want to start placing

furniture in your house you can but for

me specifically I just like getting it

and putting it in my storage so I can

kind of just keep track and and once I

get almost every item in the game I feel

like at some point I'm gonna be missing

an item or two I'm going to just keep it

all in my house until I get everything

and then just start building cool

certain rooms that I want so is the best

way to get every item again I just

wanted to make this video and give you


mataji if you're looking to do that and

trying to figure out what the best way

to go about doing that is so hopefully

this video helps some of you out but if

you guys have any questions or anything

else to add about trying to collect all

of the items in Animal Crossing please

make sure to leave a comment down below

and I'll be sure and try to help some of

you guys out but I really hope you guys

did enjoy this video please make sure to

subscribe to the channel if you haven't

already and I'll see how you guys in the

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