Mario Kart Wii - How to unlock Funky Kong!

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hi guys is we ghosts here and I've

decided it's time to unlock or at least

try to unlock funky Kong now the way to

do that is basically to unlock the

expert ghosts or the fast ghosts on four

tracks so I've decided to start cracking

first with Delfino square one of my

favorites I think you've got to beat the

initial ghost by a reasonable number of

seconds it might be ten seconds not

taking them shortcuts cause I don't know

how to do them might be able to take

this one oh yeah don't know how hard

they are I'm guessing they're not too

bad it's been a long time since I

initially would have done this so that's

a 5 second lead which presumably isn't

too bad maybe that's enough don't know

if it needs to be 10 seconds guess we'll

have a go and see

I am doing it with Rosalina because of

the top speed is obviously much better

and it's all part of me trying to get

used to them heavyweight characters dude

let's see we can do this one again

clumped in to the side that might not

matter because varios still quite some

way behind there