Mario Kart Wii - How to unlock Funky Kong!


hi guys is we ghosts here and I've

decided it's time to unlock or at least

try to unlock funky Kong now the way to

do that is basically to unlock the

expert ghosts or the fast ghosts on four

tracks so I've decided to start cracking

first with Delfino square one of my

favorites I think you've got to beat the

initial ghost by a reasonable number of

seconds it might be ten seconds not

taking them shortcuts cause I don't know

how to do them might be able to take

this one oh yeah don't know how hard

they are I'm guessing they're not too

bad it's been a long time since I

initially would have done this so that's

a 5 second lead which presumably isn't

too bad maybe that's enough don't know

if it needs to be 10 seconds guess we'll

have a go and see

I am doing it with Rosalina because of

the top speed is obviously much better

and it's all part of me trying to get

used to them heavyweight characters dude

let's see we can do this one again

clumped in to the side that might not

matter because varios still quite some

way behind there


we shouldn't have used up all our

mushrooms nothing that's what you need

to do I think need to get 10-second in

total so we should be fine

probably just go for tracks that I

really like or tracks they're easy

something like Mario circuit or moo moo

meadows may be easier tracks might be

the next one to try they don't seem like

they're particularly impressive times

the ghosts that are putting on don't

think you even need to be taking on all

the shortcuts really maybe I should try

toads factory that's one of my favorites

Wario is way behind here there we go

new record 229 so that's a good yeah

that's relatively good I think it said

that I unlocked the expert so let's try

it from course all right next up we'll

try the mushroom Gorge another very nice

level and I think that shortcut should

help get me into the lead early on and

it looks as though the ghost has got a

different way to me actually that

interesting choice they're using

toadette this time they seem to like the

lightweight characters don't they

I'm not sure the reason for that I'm not

going to try any other shortcuts I don't

think even though I could technically

try and jump over that corner I don't

really feel that confident doing it and

to be honest with you I don't think it's

gonna be necessary

I think that shortcut alone will be

enough I'm hoping so anyway we should be

able to get our 10 second lead and

unlock the expert ghost

to presume that there are some tracks

that the ghosts are slower on than

others I'm not sure I think you just

just pick tracks that you like really

tracks that you like in tracks that you

know it's gonna be the best chance for

you isn't it

okay well plus seven so we should be

able to get there with this last one

feel like where there's a pretty big gap

forming between us now

no more mushrooms left anyway yeah I

think you need you need to get 10

secondly I think to her unlock the


we can't be far off that now on the

thought it's get a good bit of drift

going here let's see how we did so 204

even locks an expert staff goes yep so

that was good enough on to the next one

okay now we're going to take on the

jungle parkway one of the good

old-fashioned n64 levels one of my

favorites actually this one and another

one that shouldn't be too hard to beat

the ghost on

strict around here ghost is using a

heavyweight character this time a bit

more like for like than it was before

racing against toad this is a relatively

straightforward track isn't it really I

think the thing to think about is where

the best place is to use your mushroom I

think it may well be at the hill at the

end because you can kind of skip out a

big bit of this if you were yeah if you

blast your mushroom there didn't do

particularly well it wasn't particularly

neat but um still you get the point save

you some time I've nearly already got

the young 10 seconds on him at this

point yeah he's pretty slow this dude

what's he called Matt I think it is the

ghost this time

there's no match for my Rosalina

wonder how easy it is to beat the ghost

on a very first level it's quite a basic

level maybe I should try that one yeah

that was a bit clunky I don't think it's

gonna matter too much though yeah we're

already over the ten seconds now gotta

get a bit better at some of these

shortcuts though haven't I doesn't

really matter though you don't need to

be perfect

just need to be good enough or at least

better than Nintendo's average staff

don't know how hard the expert ghosts

are to be though they might be a bit

more a challenge I've never actually

tried I think I just need to get my

angles a bit better for this oh sheesh


dodgy but it works it ain't pretty but

it's functional there we go

so just one more to take down now okay

I'm going for another of my favorites

it's the GBA Bowser's Castle very

enjoyable and hope it's one that I'm not

too bad at so hopefully I shouldn't have

too much trouble beating via ghost

character here he's using a steering

wheel which is an immediate sign of him

being an amateur I'm just joking but

I've never I've never got on with the

steering wheel not precise enough

all right I think that he's he seems to

be racing pretty slow don't know whether

he's my mushroom on this level actually

might just use it at the homestretch

here why not she's not gonna get any

drift there or you so it seems as good

as any place right war any 12 seconds

ahead so this is pretty much in the bag

I think just play your favorite levels

really the ones I've chosen of

relatively straightforward so if you

want just do the same as mine go ahead

it's gonna be awesome getting funky Kong

guys got the best top speed in the game

mmm should have done a wheelie a bit

earlier there I wasn't perfect doesn't


15 seconds computer is slow is even

drifting because we go the ghosts for

this presumably were people who were

involved in programming the game so they

presumably should know about how to

drift and everything

busting out some tricks here wouldn't it

be awesome looking overlapping that's

not gonna happen but it would be sweet

if I did

all right nearly there I will just use

our last mushroom and that should be in

the bag so that's it you got to unlock

for expert ghosts and then you should be

able to get funky Kong I've got to go

back to the main menu to get him there

is awesome I'm now really looking

forward to playing assume fastest

character in the game take care guys and

I'll speak to you all soon bye