How to Unlock Potential Unleashed in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2! (Secret Advancement Test!)

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seeing as though it's being argued that

potential unleash is actually the best

transformation in Dragonball xenoverse

ooh and of course the fact that you guys

have been asking me non-stop where is

your how to unlock potential unleashed

video I decided I'm gonna be a man of

the people and provide it for you here's

how to unlock what is arguably the best

transformation in Dragonball xenoverse



all right what is up people of all

different types of ages races genders

and yes even you other species out there

watching this video to get potential

unleash you must unlock the secret

advancement test by that little robot

right there the way to unlock that there

was actually a prerequisite that you

must fulfill you must Z rank all other

advancement tests to unlock this secret

test and once you unlock this secret

test ladies and gentlemen you will get a

notification in the top right corner

saying hey there's a new test and as you

can see here BAM

potential Unleashed will be your prize

now let's get into what this test in

sales funnily enough this might actually