How to make your Internet speed faster with 1 simple setting! New Method

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so with just one sitting you can get

yourself faster internet protect

yourself against malware and it's

completely completely free if that

sounds good to you and you want to get

that faster connectivity well today I'm

going to show you exactly what you need

to do let's do this

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today's show ok guys so as we know

whenever you go out onto the web whether

you're searching a website streaming

Netflix or Hulu playing some games it

does the same thing the first thing it's

gotta do it's got to resolve the name

google.com into an IP address it does

that using a system called DNS the

faster they can do that look at the

quicker the data starts to fly between

you and that server

now typically you would use your ISPs

DNS system and that's good or bad just

depending on which country you are and

what your infrastructure is like but

it's a new service from a company called