How to Bypass Google FRP lock on any Android phones


hey what's up guys it's Kasia and in

this video I will show you how you can

bypass Google FRP lock on any Android

phone basically what I am gonna show you

is when you have sign in with your

Google Account on your Android phone and

when you reset your phone or tablet

after resetting complete it will ask you

to sign in with the same Google account

which you have signed in before let's

assume you have forgotten your email ID

and password and you don't know anything

for whatever reason then what will you

do so guys I am going to help you let's


so my friends as you can see when I

start the device it asks for the

language Wi-Fi connection and ask me to

log in with a Google account previously

sync with the device this security

feature is a part of android 5.1

lollipop now first of all connect to the

Wi-Fi network but before entering the

password make sure you have chosen the

Google keyboard layout if you don't know

how to do that in your present keyboard

tap and hold spacebar button and then

you can choose the Google keyboard

easily connect the phone by i Wi-Fi


now go into the signing page and tap on

the black bar after tapping keyboard

will appear tap and hold the add the red

button which is present in the keyboard

after pressing you will see the setting

icon click on that and then you will see

the Google keyboard settings click on

the 3 dots which are present on the top

right hand side click on help and

feedback click on this tab and select

anything which you want you can choose

any world


after selecting click on web search and

then just open it via google app and you

will see search result now search for

the settings and you will see system

setting icon just hit that icon and you

will get into that now head over to

backup and reset option and click on

factory data reset just click on erase

everything and it will start the

resetting your phone this process will

take five to ten minutes aprox


after that you will again see the

welcome page and yes this time you will

not see any error just escape all the



and yes guys we have bypassed the Google

FRP lock so that's been it if you like

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