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Parris: Hi, it's Parris from Epic Review Tech channel and our new Kindle Fire HD the 2013

model, which we really like, has on several occasions in the month we've owned it just

locked up. Usually when we set it down and leave it and then we come back and we can't

tell is it out of battery, is it locked up? It's turned out to be locked up each time so, I'll show

you the one single thing you need to do to reset your Kindle Fire HD.

And the one thing you need to do to reset the Kindle Fire HD is; be patient. And I don't

mean just let the battery drain. What you have to do is be patient holding the power button.

Basically all you've got to work with here, since you don't have a removable battery and you

don't have a lot of buttons, is you've got power and you've got volume up and down. And

this isn't like the cell phones where it's a tricky three-finger maneuver. It's just a power

button, but you have to hold it 25 seconds.

So, find your power button on the back, press it and just keep holding. Most people give up

after 5 or 10 seconds, like with a computer, and so that's why it doesn't restart. You've got

to hold it that full 20-25 seconds.

Keep holding it even if the screen goes dark. After you've waited the 20-25 seconds, the

screen whether it was dark to start with or not it should be dark at this point, then let go of the

button. Go ahead and press it again to turn it on normally. And you can see a near fatally

Kindle Fire so, it is going to boot up normally this time.