Fix Any iPhone Frozen/Stuck/Loop Screen (How to Force Restart!)

how is it going everybody you're

watching then about tag so what do you

do if your iPhone just freezes let's say

it just froze in the home screen or any

other app for that matter and then you

press on the screen it's have on the

screen nothing happens you try to go

home and it just won't respond you try

even should turn it off trying to turn

the screen off turn the power to the

phone off and it just won't respond even

if you plug the charger nothing this may

happen with the screen on as you can see

my phone is not frozen it's fine but it

can happen with the screen on or even

with the screen off and it just it just

won't do anything it just denies to do

anything well in this video I'm gonna

help you out I'm gonna teach you how to

force restart your iPhone and as you

guys can see I'm gonna show that on a

new brand new iPhone 11 Pro and an old

iPhone 6 right here so I'm gonna show

you this process for every single iPhone

model because it varies a little bit so

in other words I got you covered I'm

gonna show you how you can bypass that

how you can actually force your your

iPhone to turn off and turn back on and

be back to normal and of course you will

not lose any data okay in this process

it's completely harmless you won't lose


okay now enough for the talking let's go

ahead and get started and let me show

you how we can do that in action so

let's start with older phones first okay

so that's why I'm getting my iPhone 6

right here and I'm gonna show you how

that works so this first part process is

for iPhones that have a physical home

button as you guys can see right here so

this process goes from the iPhone one

the original iPhone called this iPhone

2g if you still have one laying around

like pretty good all the way to the

iPhone 6s so that includes xx plus the

iPhone 6 plus in the iPhone se and then

you can go older than that as well ok as

I mentioned this is an iPhone 6 so if

you have an iPhone with a physical home

button that you can press and it goes in

it's not a vibration like the iPhone 7

know is a physical home button that's

the process all you have to do as I

mention if the screen can be on like

and unresponsive or even the screen can

mean off completely off so all you have

to do is press and hold the power button

okay right here or it can be at the top

as well depending on your phone and then

press and hold the home button as well

so press and hold both buttons at the

same time so I'm gonna do that right now

like this so I'm pressing and holding

both buttons and I'm gonna keep pressing

and holding both of them until I see the

Apple logo so it turned off it's Apple

logo you let go so it's just a few

seconds as you guys can see it turns off

automatically and then you see the Apple

logo you let go all you have to do now

is wait and as I mentioned this process

is completely harmless all this doing is

forcing the phone to restart it's not

resetting is not formatting nothing like

that it is just turning off and turning

back on like you do with your computer

when you press the restart button so

then this actually is pretty old too so

I'm just gonna have to you're just gonna

have to be patient patient if you want

to see that in real time so as you can

see we got it so it's back in action so

it's working again normally okay now

let's say you have an iPhone 7 or 7 plus

as I mentioned an iPhone 7 or 7 plus

they have a virtual home button as

that's called so that means that when

you press the button it doesn't go in it

does there's no travel in it is actually

just a feeling of vibration and when the

phone is off you press it it is nothing

it's just a sheet of glass it's not a

button okay so if you have an iPhone 7

or 7 plus the process is slightly

different all you have to do is press

and hold the volume down button okay so

right here and the power button at the

same time I'm not gonna do it right with

this phone because as I said this is an

iPhone 6 so if I do this nothing will

happen but if you have an iPhone 7 or 7

plus volume down in part but in the

exact same way I showed you on this

device so press and hold and then it's

going to turn off when you see the Apple

logo you let go and then the the iPhone

will do the rest of the process on its

own okay so this is the process for the

iPhone all the way from the iPhone 1 to

the iPhone 7 plus okay now for all the

new iPhones out there there's just one

process so if you have

an iPhone from the iPhone 8 all the way

to the iPhone 11 Pro max which is this

one it is the exact same process so what

are those iPhones I'm gonna go one by

one so you have no question so an iPhone

8 + 8 + iPhone 10 iPhone 10 our iPhone

tennis and tennis max and iPhone 1111

Pro and 11 Pro max so if you have either

world either one of those eye phones and

you have it stuck it's froze and is

unresponsive that's that's what you need

to do you're gonna press the volume up

and release press the volume down and

release and press and hold the power

button or the side button as it is now

called on those new devices so now in

action so volume up and let go volume

down and let go press and hold the side

button so as you guys can see I'm just

pressing and holding the side button so

I'm not pressing any volume keys or

anything like that with those new

devices you just press and hold one

button which is the power button you

don't press and hold the volume or

anything like that you see the Apple

logo you let go as you saw as soon as I

saw the Apple logo you let go because if

you don't if you just keep holding that

will make your iPhone just turn off okay

and that's not the idea here the idea is

to force I'll restart so turn off and

turn back on so then that's why when you

see the Apple logo you have to

immediately release any buttons that

you're pressing ok so that's it as you

guys can see it just booted up again

normally working 100% fine and then as I

mentioned it is harmless you don't lose

any of your data there's no risk of

anything like that being messed up with

your iCloud your passcode or anything

like that it is 100% safe so this

process works for 90% of situations ok

90% of the situations that you see your

an iphone frozen or unresponsive or

anything this will work if this does not

work there are only two other

possibilities one you have a corrupt iOS

so probably you have a problem with your

iOS or you have a hardware issue so if

you have a corrupt iOS you have to

format your iPhone so restore it I have

a video for that this video in this

video actually teach how to remove a

passcode but it's the exact same same

process so

link that in the description so you have

to reformat it with a computer using

iTunes or is it finder you're gonna need

to format it ok so then in that process

you will lose all your data but if even

doing that it doesn't work the format

bit the reset method then you have to

contact Apple support because probably

you have a display malfunction there's

something wrong with your hardware and

there's no process in the world on

YouTube that will help you because you

have to check your hardware ok so that's

what I recommend