How to Fix A Frozen Drum Brake - K&J Trucking

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Hi, my name is Lou Schrett, I've been a maintenance manager for K&J and I've been here for 13


I'm going to demonstrate today where I want our drivers to hit the brake shoe or the brake

drum when they have a frozen brake from either parking or just old Mother Nature freezing

and making it cold for us.

Alright, so we have a frozen brake drum on the trailer, the tractor brakes are set so

when we get this drum broken loose the tractor won't roll away or roll over us.

This is a 4-pound hammer, a 2-pound hammer will work, but in this case bigger is a little


Here is your shoe, here is your drum.

You strike the drum with a couple of good blows.

And the brake will make a different noise when it is broke loose.

And in this case it did change.

We will go back in the tractor now and see if it rolls.