Cracking Bike Locks With a Pen!

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this week on scam school it's one of the

most notorious lock-picking hacks of all

time this episode of scam school brought

to you by domain.com welcome to the show

that steadfastly refuses to acknowledge

the authority of the FCC unless you mean

the federal console in which case Tail

overlords scam school the only show

dedicated to social engineering at the

bar and on the street howdy beautiful

folks I'm Brian brushwood this week we

are back again with the Longhorn

lock-picking Club where we're going to

tackle one of the most notorious one of

these zipless bicycle lock opening acts

of all time you put an echo on there

right all right guys toast me

here's back again with J Gore and dug

far the founder of the UT Longhorn

lock-picking Club all right as soon as I

got into Loch pickings there was rumors

that one of the most popular by clocks

on the freakin planet could be defeated

with the simplest of devices at all and

a freakin big pen could open up a

kryptonite a brand that has built itself

on being virtually you know


yeah are the rumors true yeah brooms are

absolutely true and it's something