$12 Frontier Airline Tickets! How To Get Six Airline Tickets for $72 FOR REAL! Kids Fly Free!

we just scored five airline tickets for

a hundred and thirty two dollars want to

hear how find out right now hi this is

Amy with TPF trips places and fun and my

name is John and we talk about how to

have family-friendly adventures both

close to home and wild trap

we love having family-friendly fun crazy

awesome adventures like we just went to

Uranus Missouri you've got to check out

that video right here that was a lot of

fun but we do this we do day trips and

sometimes we take flights and we're

talking about flights today yes and said

we like to talk about little tips and

tricks to how to make your travel more

cost effective and so we have an airport

in Branson now don't we we do this

Airport is amazing if you've never been

to Branson fly into this Airport it's

nice and small but it's beautiful and

it's right up in the mountains it looks

a lot like that like you're in a dogwood

Canyon or something like yeah you're not

you're in a like a hunting cabin hunting

lodge yes it's really beautiful so I

love flying in and out of there and we

are super excited that Frontier Airlines

now flies in and out of there so they

fly to what are the destinations to and

from Branson as it is right now Chicago

Dallas Dallas and Denver Denver Austin

currently I think they're eliminating

maybe Austin is dominating Austin but

right now it flies in and out of Austin

but anyway so we are super excited about

that and we have some children who are

the the three kids that we have bought

tickets for our ages five eight and

twelve and they go during the summer to

see grandma and Papa in Colorado how

awesome is that yes so it's awesome you

get a little bit of a break all the

moments out there's a man so anyway

dads can say I do dad's dad's too so

they're going to Colorado and we're

going to be free so we had been looking

for tickets for them and we were hoping

to find tickets on frontier since

so close here and we discovered that

kids can now fly free on Frontier

Airlines that's something they're doing

new and something that can save a lot of

money for family we hopped right on

there to see what it was all about and

you do have to have a discount den

membership and hop we hopped on it yeah

we did so you do have to have a discount

den membership with which is about fifty

nine dollars a years what we paid for it

and that enables you to get the lowest

price tickets and it also enables you to

get the kids fly free now the kids fly

free discount is only available on

certain dates when you're searching for

flights you'll see a little kids fly

free logo and you can also go to the

kids fly free page on Frontier Airlines

and I'll tell you the dates that it's

available now that does just discount

den right discount den membership

through Frontier Airlines and how many

people is that good for so it covers up

to six people on your booking ok so we

put it in your name and that will cover

up to you and five others that go with

you the kids fly free I believe it's

good for ages 15 and under and so if we

were to say travel with our 19 year old

then we could get three free kids

tickets but you have to have one paying

adult per free ticket so we were able to

get this time since we weren't traveling

with our 19 year 18 year old we were

able to get two free tickets and because

the 19 year old would basically be in

and off so one child per adult right so

what we did is we sign up for that

discount den membership and then we

found forty four dollar tickets and from

here to Denver actually weren't they

more expensive than that but we got a

discount why right that was the discount

den price so without the discipline it

would have been fifty nine dollars but

with the discount den it was they were

forty four dollars plus we got two free

tickets so basically we paid forty four

dollars times three and that's how we

got our five tickets for a hundred and

thirty-two dollars that is absolutely

you should not take a bus for that price

you can't pay gas for your car for that

price I mean we were we were just gonna

send these little kids out on the bus

all by themselves to Colorado but note

this is the better idea

so now we're starting that we're

escorting them to Colorado they get to

go spend their time with Grandma and

pop-pop I'm gonna spend a few days there

too yeah we'll be there for a few days

too so it's super super cool that now

this is a possibility so if you are

trying to fly with your family and you

have a discount den membership go to

Frontier Airlines and see what kind of

deals you can find so now the five

tickets for a hundred and thirty-two

dollars is just the awesome deal that we

found and yeah we were like wow it's

amazing it is amazing but it even gets

amazing uh it gets even better so we

found some tickets as low as twenty four

dollars a person yeah and if you do the

math if you brought three adults with

you and got three kids free you could

get six tickets for seventy two dollars

that is a twelve dollar airline ticket

wait a minute wait a minute wait a

minute now Amy are you sure about this

because we don't want to lead our

friends astray well I'm pretty sure you

want to do the math with me no tickets

are twenty four dollars apiece if they

are part of the discount den discount

den and if you get the kids fly free

deal and you bring three adults and you

have three kids that means you're paying

three times twenty four which equals $72

divided by six that's twelve dollar

tickets incredible oh that's just great

do you know you know what so you're

telling me that we can fly all the way

across the country thousand miles or

whatever it is for four twelve dollars a

person do you realize that we could go

basically kind of just right down the

road here in Branson and go to the

buffet and pay more than that for an

hour at the buffet it's incredible it is

incredible amazing awesome deals you

gotta check it out you gotta check it

out so again six people three of them

being kids twelve dollars each

72 dollars bada-bing bada-boom blow


and this is not specific to Branson only

I mean I want to make sure I think maybe

right maybe any so anyone can do the

kids do free out of

anywhere that frontier flies it's just

that you know we had some really good

deals here in Branson so but yeah if you

have frontier flying out of your local

airport check it out and see if you can

get you know some free kids too so if

you live in in Dallas Chicago or Denver

I highly recommend to Branson get to

Branson fly into this beautiful little

Airport and ma'am world-class golfing is

here and resorts and man it's just

amazing Branson is phenomenal you got to

come to Branson yes and so you might be

able to fly your family of five here for

one hundred and thirty two dollars no

that was one way that's one way that's

one way so on the way back they also had

the same deal they had forty four dollar

tickets but my dad is going to be

escorting them and so I don't think he

had discount done so he didn't get the

kids fly free but he did get the $44

ticket if you are looking for tips and

tricks on how to travel cheap and often

even often because we'll tell you about

that like a little hack that we did for

this trip is that we only brought one

carry-on for all five of us each of the

kids can bring a backpack as their

personal items so we are putting their

clothes in their backpacks and and so we

only shower once per week no no but what

no we're gonna be doing a lot of laundry

or whatever we have some tips in that

video though if you watch it that talked

about how we do this so we did have to

pay an extra thirty-five dollars that

wasn't included in that one thirty two

and before that carry-on bag but that's

why we only you know took one bag for

the five of us where some people they'll

pick one carry-on for each person then

your your costs are gonna add up really

quickly if you do that so anyway check

that videos for some other little tips

and tricks and hacks and if you would

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