Frigidaire PLES389ECE Oven Door Locked

sella and my wife and i obtained this


slide in professional

dole stove about five years ago and this

Thanksgiving just about a month and a

half ago we had an experience with it in

which the oven door locked and I spent

weeks researching on the Internet to try

and find how to fix the stove this video

is intended to give you insight that I

wished I had when the event first

happened the problem took place when the

self-cleaning mode was pushed on the

oven I don't recommend that you do that

at some point in time this message

showed up on the digital readout little

screen that the oven was locked the

little lock insignia and the message

that the oven was locked I did all the

things that I found on the internet that

they suggested you can do turning the

power off unplugging it leaving it off

for long periods of time specific

sequences of buttons to push I tried all

the things that I found with a lot of

looking and none of them seemed to work

at all most of the YouTube videos

suggested the simple way to unlock it is

just to pull the stove out and you'll

find the locking mechanism and motor on

the back of the stove of which on this

particular model that's not the case

that's not where it's found I do want

you to understand that this diagram that

I have given is the result of really

several weeks of in the evenings after I

got home of figuring out what what in

the world was going on so showing you

this is I want you to know the ultimate

problem turned out to be a thermal

protective switch or an oven thermal

safety switch that was located on the

back of the stove there is a second one

that's in the very front of the stove

and all of these are in one circuit that

connect together that is the oven

thermal switch and then moving up on the

bottom right is the oven temperature

probe they're connected together and

then the oven

lock or unlock mechanism that's actually

underneath the glass top and you have to

remove the top to get to that there is a

second thermal safety switch in the

front and there is a door lock safety

switch that lets you know whether the

door is closed or not all of these items

are connected together in one circuit as

I said in the end the problem turned out

to be the oven thermal safety switch on

the back of the oven which triggered

when the heat the excessive heat of the

oven clean cycle had been set in motion

it's not uncommon for many of them the

oven temperature probe goes out under

the heat of the self-cleaning mode in

this instance had I known everything I

could have just pulled the oven out

pushed the little reset button on the

thermal safety switch on the back of the

stove and everything would have been


I think the oven lock motor would have

completed its cycle and I would have

been able to open it it would have been

fixed for free and would have taken

about five minutes at the most

unfortunately I did not understand all

those things so I went through the

process of testing everything even

replacing the motor of the locking motor

that's underneath the glass top on the

top of the stove there are several

excellent videos that explain how to

remove the glass top

it's just simple a matter of time and

screws sheet metal screws that you have

to remove and just keep track of

everything and which screws came from

which area and you'll be able to take it

apart quite easily put it back together

quite easily the I did replace the oven

probe the temperature probe from the

back of the oven that cost under 20

bucks it didn't need to be replaced

and I did replace the lock/unlock motor

assembly that's about set

bucks from Amazon yeah I don't think it

really needed to be played replaced but

I purchased it and when I eventually

discovered by following the wires

incredibly carefully that there was a

second thermal protective switch on the

back of the oven when I push that

because the little black center part had

popped out showing that the safety

switch had had worked and it shut down

the oven that was the real cause so my

recommendation to you is if you have

these start with the thermal safety

switch in the very back of the oven and

you can repair the problem for free

unless the temperatures got high enough

that it blew the temperature probe that

is in the back and it's a very simple

replacement fix the motor the

lock/unlock motor is more complicated is

more time consuming but it's a very

doable job for a reasonably skilled home

handyman I hope this has helped you and

I hope you stay away from the the

cleaning cycle the self-cleaning cycle

of this particular line of stoves as the

temperatures get too hot and result in

either blown safety switches or the

thermal probe gets blown in the high

temperatures thank you for watching this

video I hope it helped you